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AVALOKA comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and means “to look” or “to behold” and has, over time, become a synonym for perception as a whole.

MANDALA is a geometric form symbolizing divine meaning. They are often seen as an idealistic presentation of a cosmic palace filled with divine and awakened beings.

EVENT: This term comes from the Latin word “Eventum” which is used to describe an outstanding occurrence.

The name relates to outstanding events where create harmonic structures of  sensory perception. Light, sound and real human expressions of art, music and dance are synchronized to form a pattern of sensual experience. This form of experience can grow into a collective recognition of unity, beauty and freedom.

Our inspiration comes from the tribes and great cultures of the past. Their feasts were always also in honour of the greater whole. The celebrations were for the gods above and the spirits here on earth, which represented their high ideals and human customs. They were certainly not a matter of pure, personal entertainment but were aimed at strengthening and developing the well-being of the people. We aim to make our festivals a positive and inspiring experience for our visitors. People who come to our events feel enriched, empowered and filled with that vibrant glow of group euphoria. A party becomes a divine manifestation of joy and unity. This is the tradition we are now taking into the future.

Stylistic devices:

The temple:
The first thing to be considered is the place of the event. Each place we encounter has its individual beauty and specific challenges. We construct a temporary temple. Which means that for each event we go into the structure of the location and transform it into the mandala we wish to create. By doing so we use modern deco art such as projections, lycra art, blacklight installations, sacred objects like statues as well as sacred geometry. We also do energy work on the place by cleansing it with sage and traditional Buddhist mantras. The idea is to erect a space where our guests can more easily recognise the divine nature of their own being.

The art:
We connect with a global network of artists and spiritual workers of all kinds. Djs, bands, performers, yoga teachers, shamen, bhajan singers, deco artists, visionary artists all come together to set up this unique experience. It is very important for us to point out the important role that art plays in our lives and that it can be a form of divine expression. The expressive network of art is a crucial point in our events. As different levels of creativity synchronise into a holistic experience we can use the whole scale of human expression to embrace transcendence.

The senses:
The senses are the gates between the outer and the inner world. The content we receive plays a major role in how we feel and think about the world and vice verca. The five senses and the all-encompassing mind which binds them together into a holistic experience are the key elements of our enterprise. The stimulation and navigation of sensory perception results in a good and powerful outcome. The awareness of beauty itself and its effect on the human body is one of our main topics.

The symbol:
The symbolic structure of our logo is built upon nine directions and three levels.

Number nine
There are nine planets circling the sun. According to the Nyingma tradition in Tibetan Buddhism there are nine ways to perfection or Buddhahood. The Chinese see it as the number of the dragon, a number of great power. It takes nine months of pregnancy before the birth of a human can take place. It is a number containing great potential of expression. It points to the ultimate. It symbolises the last step before a new continuum, the peak of the possible.

Three levels:
The outer circle stands for the physical realm. It is where the senses come into contact with their objects. The standouts pointing outwards stand for the expressive force of our project.

Middle circle:
This circle has two directions. It stands for the plane of energy. One direction leads outwards towards the physical and the other leads inwards towards the spiritual. These two powers work together just like breathing in and out. They overcome the dichotomy of spirit and matter. This stands for the dynamic force of our project.

Inner circle:
This circle encompasses that great and inexpressible void which includes everything. It stands for the luminous and blissful essence of the mind. The true inspiration and source of our project.

Our patron:
He is a very important Bodhisattva in the Buddhist tradition. His work is in all the realms for the liberation and well-being of beings. He is the ultimate symbol of love and compassion. His name means “He who looks down on the world” or “Lord of perception”.

For more information check out wikipedia or get your hands on some literature.